I am Duo CHAN. I will be joining WHOI as a Weston Howland Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow. I did my Ph.D. in Prof. Peter Huybers' group at Harvard University. I develop statistical and physical tools to reconstruct past climate and understand climate variability, with a particular interest in the earth's thermal variability.

My recent work includes improving historical sea temperatures at both the surface and ocean interior, understanding the role of sea surface temperatures in hurricane genesis, and understanding changes in summertime temperature variability in climate projections.

Email: duochan@g.harvard.edu


  • Check out our JClim paper on anomalously warm SSTs during WWII. Related talk from here.

  • Winner of the 101st AMS Outstanding Student Oral Presentation. Presentation from here.

  • Read a review of groupwise corrections of historical sea surface temperature biases. This piece is published in Harvard Data Science Review and is a synthesis of my Ph.D. thesis.


  • Chan D.. (2020). Combining statistical, physical, and historical evidence to improve historical sea surface temperature records. Harvard Data Science Review, 3(1). link

  • Chan D., Kent E., Berry D. & Huybers P. (2019). Correcting datasets leads to more homogeneous early 20th century sea surface warming. Nature , 571, 393-397. link, code, data, Harvard Gazette, NPR news

  • Chan D. & Huybers P. (2019). Systematic differences in bucket sea surface temperature measurements amongst nations identified using a linear-mixed-effect method. Journal of Climate, 32(5), 2569-2589. link, pdf

Harvard Horizons Presentation

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